When we think about VoIP we think cheap calls to UK and internationally. However what a lot of businesses don’t realise is that there are a whole lot of really cool features that come with the VoIP service that are proving to be invaluable. For any business not using VoIP pay attention because you are missing out.


Here is our top 10 list

1.     Voicemail in your email

See voicemail come straight into your email so no more missed calls – voicemail messages are instantly sent to the mail box address you want it to go to and then VoIP does the rest. All voicemail messages get stored in real time so you can always play back an old message in the call logs if you need to.

2.     Call Diversion

Are you constantly in and out of the office, in meetings or always on the phone? Well manage your calls more effectively – divert them to your mobile, voicemail or to a colleague or landline when you can’t take the calls. It is so easy to set up as and when you need to route your calls so you don’t miss that all important call.

3.     Call Presence

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see when your other colleagues are on the phone so you don’t disturb them on a call? Well VoIP can display this – and this is known as ‘call presence’ you know who is ringing who and when the call finishes too.

4.     Call Recording

Great for training purposes so you can listen in on an active call when you have a new team member.Or you can listen to the call recording later for quality purposes helping you to improve your customer care and sales.

5.     Caller ID

It can be very useful if you miss a call to be able to see who just called you so you can call them back.

6.     Click2call

Whether you are working from your laptop on-the-go home or abroad or have a big telesales team click2call is a great way to save time and get you straight through talking to the people you need to instantly. Simply click on the number and VoIP automatically dials out the number. It is a godsend to telesales teams who call 100 prospects a day as it saves them having to manually punch in the number on a keypad so the team work far more productively and keeps them happy too.

7.     Call Statistics

Any manager will tell you to have automated stats to help understand staff productivity is a godsend.VoIP telecoms can provide just that with calls stats that provides a daily, weekly, monthly breakdown of each telesales persons call activity – how many calls they made, how many they actually got through to, how long each call took and what the cost was. This is invaluable information to measure productivity and accountability of the team.

8.     E-fax

Sending faxes could not be easier – no more fax machines and loading paper manually. Just a click of a button – upload the document to be sent and press the send button. A copy of the fax will be stored in pdf format so you know what you sent and to who plus it keeps your business green as no trees suffered in the process!

9.     Call Logs

See all the call activity for all the phone, fax or conference lines you use through your VoIP provider.This information is broken down in real time to see incoming and outgoing calls per line and the cost and duration of the calls and whether they were answered, missed or went to voicemail etc. Know how much you owe in real-time helping you to keep track of your call costs instead of second guessing when the next bill arrives in.

10    One number – your home office, office and mobile

If you call a client from your mobile have the office number show as your caller ID so they don’t know you are calling from your mobile making you look more professional – especially if you are making a sales call. You are more likely to get your calls returned if your caller ID displays the office number not your mobile number so you won’t be playing phone tag all week.

Setting up VoIP for your business is really easy – pick a number, test your internet connection for call line quality, choose headset or handset option and you are ready to go live you can be up and running in an afternoon.


Posted By: Claire on icomplete.com/blog